Exam Details

Subject basics of hiv/aids
Exam / Course school of social work (sosw) - certificate / diploma in hiv and family education
Organization indira gandhi national open university
Position sociology
Exam Date December, 2015
City, State new delhi,

Question Paper

1. Write an essay of HIV/AIDS and its impact on women.

2. Describe in brief about the various risk factors involved in the transmission of HIV through sex.

3. Explain the models which can be incorporated into the HIV/AIDS policy.

4. What are the implications of universal testing of HIV

5. Enlist the universal precautions to be followed for preventing HIV transmission.

6. Discuss the role of Information, Education and Communication campaign for the prevention of HIV.

7. What do the International Guidelines on HIV/ AIDS and Human Rights say regarding confidentiality on HIV related information

8. Discuss the initiatives taken by United Nations for HIV/AIDS prevention and control in India.


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