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Exam / Course
Organization Kerala Public Service Commission
Position field supervisor
Exam Date 13, August, 2015
City, State kerala,

Question Paper


Maximum: 100 marks
Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
1. utilized by the plant from the soil are considered as

Major nutrients Secondary nutrients

Micro nutrients Trace elements

2. Class of seed designed for use by farmers in sowing:

Registered Seeds Certified Seeds

Breeder Seeds Foundation Seeds

3. is not a mechanical method of weed control.

Hoeing Hand pulling

Smother Crops Mowing

4. Emitters, filter unit etc are associated with:

Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation

Over Head Irrigation Flood Irrigation

5. Layering type in plants with flexible branches:

Air layering Simple layering

Mount layering Trench layering

6. Pepper variety cultivated in comparatively open areas:

Panniyur-1 Panniyur-2

Panniyur-4 Pournami

7. Kerachandra is also known as:

Andaman Ordinary Philippines Ordinary

Lakshadweep Ordinary Java

A 3
8. Most appropriate propagating material for banana:

Sword sucker Water sucker

Seeds Pseudostem

9. Micro organism used for the coirpith composting

bacillus Sp eudrillus Sp

pleurotus Sp glomus Sp

10. Irrigation suitable for potato, sugar beat, raddish

Check Basin Ring basin

Flooding Furrow

11. Best species of earthworm for vermi technology

Perinonyx escavatus Pleurotus Sp

Eudrillus euginae Isenia foetida

12. Which of the essential elements imparts dark green colour of the Leaves and promote vegetative growth?

Potassium Phosphorus

Nitrogen Magnesium

13. Maximum permissible moisture content of rice:

13% 15%

18% 20%

14. A Transplanted crop:

Cotton Potato

Chilly Maize

15. Repotting of bush pepper is done in every

One year Three years

Two years Five years

152/2015 4 A
16. A poisonous weed: Parthenium Cynodon Lantana Cyperus
17. Trickle Irrigation is Ring Irrigation Over Head Irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation Drip Irrigation
18. A mobile element: Calcium Sulphur Iron Magnesium
19. Most beneficial form of soil structure for plant growth: Loamy soil Granular soil Silty soil Platy soil
20. A Selective herbicide for controlling broad leaved weeds: Glyphosphate Dalapon Paraquat
21. Operation that is not related with the processing of rice: Whitening Milling Polishing Dehusking
22. The C:N ratio of coirpith after composting is 112:1 55:1 32:1 24:1
23. Water applied to the soil in the form of thin spray from above: Sprinkler Irrigation Trickle Irrigation Drip Irrigation Flood Irrigation
A 5 152/2015 [P.T.a.]

24. Whlptail in cauliflower is caused by the deficiency of:

Zinc Manganese

Molybdenum Boron

25. Weeds valued for religious purposes:

Eichhornia crassipes Amaranthus Sp

Imperata cylindrica Ocimum sanctum

26. Generally virippu season of rice extends from:

April-May to Sept -Oct Sept -Oct to Dec -Jan

Dec -Jan to Mar -April April to Aug

27. Intensive tapping in rubber tress prior to replanting is called:

Rain guarding Tapping

Slaughter tapping Tapping rest

28. A Banana variety suitable for intercropping in coconut:

Poovan Palayan Kodan

Robusta Cavendish

29. Tag to identify registered seed is

Purple Blue

White Yellow

30. Fore wings of bug are called:

Elytra Membranous

Halteres Hemelytra

31. Water Hyacinth is controlled using:

Cryptobagous weevil Neochitinia weevil

Zygogramma beetle Crocidosema moth

152/2015 6A
32. A good quality coconut seedling have a collar girth of: 5to6cm 17 to 18 em 10 to 12 em 20 em
33. Whole rice panicle is transformed into cylindrical rod in disease.

Udbatta Stack Burn False smut Brown spot
34. Which is not a predator? Lady bird beetle Spider Cricket Trichogramma
35. Which among the following is not a green manuring Dhaincha Sunnhemp Cow pea Leucaena
36. A bio fertilizer which improves the uptake of phosphorus by inoculated plant: Rhizobium Awtobacter VAM Azospirillum
37. Disease free planting material in banana is obtained through: Tissue culture Suckers Seeds Sword sucker
38. Legless larva: Caterpillar Nymph Maggot Grub
39. Tunnels seen and stunting of rhiwme are associated with: Banana Pseudo stem weevil Aphid Banana rhizome weevil Spindle bug
A 7 152/2015 [P.T.O.]

40. Which among the following is not a low analysis fertilizer?

Single super phosphate Sodium citrate

Urea Calcium nitrate

41. Preparing seed bed, reducing ped size, weed control, incorporating fertilizer are associated with:

Primary tillage Secondary tillage

Inter tillage Summer tillage

42. to the amount of water required by a crop in its whole production period.

Consumptive Use Water requirement

Critical stages Evapotranspiration

43. Biocontrol agent against Quick Wilt disease of pepper:

Potassium phosphonate Bordeaux mixture

Mancozeb Trichoderma

44. In honey bees honey wax is secreted from the wax gland of:

Drones Queen

Worms Workers

45. The period taken by black pepper from flowering to harvest is

2-3 months 10-12 months

6-8 months 12-14 months

46. Annual leaf fall of rubber is known as

Wintering Refoliation

Flowering Replanting

47. Annapurna, Jyothy, revathy are:

Early duration rice varieties Medium duration rice varieties

Late duration rice varieties First crop rice varieties

8 A
48. Fruit rot, heavy defoliation are seen of rubber.

Powdery mildew Abnormal leaf fall

Pink disease Shoot rot

49. Coconut belongs to the order:

Piperaceae Euphorbiaceae

Palmae Musaceae

50. The method of feeding nutrients to the plants by applying fertilizer to the Foliage:

Basal dressing Foliar application

Starter solution Fertigation

51. Total desertion of honey bee colony from its nest due to pest/disease attack is known as

Absconding Swarming

Smoking Migratory bee keeping

52. A rice weed that is not a grass:

Varinellu Kavada

Polla African payal

53. Rhinolure is the pheromone trap used against:

Red palm weevil Ricestem Borer

Mango fruit fly Rhinocerous Beetle

54. The only method of producing new varieties in plants:

Asexual propagation Sexual propagation

Vegetative propagation Leaf cutting

55. Cardamom research station is located at

Odakkali Anakkayam

Pampadumpara Konni

56. Bryophyllum is propagated by

Leaf bud cutting Leaf cutting

Stem cutting Root cutting

A 9 152/2015 [P.T.a.]
57. Thula varsham is

South-west monsoon North-east monsoon

North-west monsoon South-east monsoon

58. Rice varieties Vytilla-l, Vytilla-2 are suitable for:

Pokkali Area Kole region

Wyanad Onattukara

59. Invitro method of plant propagation is

Sexual propagation Asexual propagation

Micro propagation Vegitative propagation

60. Fungal polluis is also known as

Anthracnose Poilu beetle

Quick wilt Nematode

61. A non floweriiIg tree:

Azadirachta indica Delonix regia

Cassia fistula Michalea chempaca

62. Which is not a bacterial disease?

Potato Scab Leaf spot of chilly

Citrus Canker Blast of rice

63. King of spices:

Cardamom Ginger

Coffee Pepper

64. Lemom grass, Vetiver etc are example of:

Spices Plantation Crop

Aromatic plant Condiment

65. Parent plant used in asexual propagation is known as

Clones Mother palm

Stock plant Stolons

152/2015 10 A
66. Rapid browning and death ofleaves, floral parts:

Wilt Dieback

Blight Damping off

67. System of rice cultivation where mixture of Non-Photosensitive and photosensitive varieties are used in virippu season:

Mundakan Oorumundakan

Kootumundakan Pokkali

68. A viral disease of banana:

Bunchy top Panama wilts

Sigatoka Spindle leaf minor

69. A variety of tomato released by IIHR Banglore

ArkaAlok Pusa early dwarf

Pusa ruby Sakthi

70. Little leaf of Brinjal is caused by

Fungi Virus

Mycoplasma Bacteria

71. Nest of honey bee:

Kennel Shed

Comb Division Board

72. Budding in which a ring of bark is removed:

I-buding Yemma budding

Forket budding Annular budding

73. West coast tall is not a parent of the following Hybrid Coconut:

Kerasree Kerasawbhagya

Chandralaksha .Keraganga

74. Silk is secreted of silk worm.

Silk gland Salivary gland

Wax gland Thyroid

A 11 152/2015 [P.T.O.)
75. Ananthan, a variety of mushroom from spawning to harvest.


20 4

76. Most severe form of rain water erosion:

Sheet Rill

Splash Gully

77. A form of Multiple cropping were one crop starts after the growing season for the previous crop has ended:

Relay cropping Double cropping

Inter cropping Mono cropping

78. AIternanthera, dwarf mari gold are example of:

Hedge Edge

Flowering tree Flowering climber

79. Balsam, Begonia are propagated by

Hard wood cutting Soft wood cutting

Semi hard wood cutting Herbaceous cutting

80. Powdered pesticide formulation containing wetting and dispersing agent

Dust Granule

Emulsifyable concentrate Wettable powder

81. The first woman president of Indian National Congress:

Sarojini Naidu Sucheta Kripalani

Annie Besant Indira Gandhi

82. Who led the revolt of 1857 at Kanpur?

Nana Sahib Kunwar Singh

Bahadur shah II Rani Laxmi Bai

83. 'Ananda the first novel in Bengali was written by

Rabindranath Tagore Kesav chandrasen

Rajaram Mohan Roy Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

152/2015 12 A

84. The newspaper published by Bala Gangadhar Tilak

Common wheal Kesari

Sambad kaumudi Viveka Vardhini

85. The viceroy who partitioned Bengal:

Lord Curzon Lord William Bentick

Lord Hardinge Lord Wellesley

86. Write the name ofthe river which flows towards the west;

Mahanadi Godawari

Narmada Kaveri

87. Founder of Hindustan Democratic Federation:

J.M. Chatterjee Sachindra Sanyal

V.D Savarkar Pramod mittar

88. The Konark sun temple is situated in

Karnataka Odisha

Gujarat Madhya Pradesh

89. Who presided over the Lahore congress in 1929?

Mottilal Nehru Surendranath Banerjee

Dr. Ansari Jawaharlal Nehru

90. The states re-organization act was passed by the Indian parliament in

1955 1952

1950 1956

91. The national highway which connects Varanasi -Kanyakumari

NH-15 NH-5

NH-7 NH-8

92. The installation at Aruvippuram by Sree Narayanaguru was in the year:
1885 1882
1887 1888
A 13 152/2015 [P.T.O.)
93. The mountain pass wluch connects Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu is Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala:

Bodinayakanur pass Aramboli pass

Thamarasseri pass Kambam pass

94. Thirunavai, the place where the famous pan-kerala assembly 'Mamankom' was conducted is situated on the banks of the river:

Bharatapuzha Periyar

Chaliyar Pamba

95. Sankara Narayana, the famous astronomer of South India was lived in the court of:

Kulasekhara Varman Rajasekhara Varman

Bhaskara Varman Stanu Ravi Varman

96. The first president of Travancore State Congress:

Mannath Padmanabhan T.M. Varghese

Pattom Thanupillai N.V. Joseph

97. The ruler who abolished the Devadasi system in Travancore

Rani Sethu Lakshmi Bai Sri Mulam Thirunal

Rani Gowri Parvathi Bai Swathi Tlurunal

98. Who was the editor of the Malayalam journal 'Mitavadi' wluch fought against untouchability in Kerala?

C.v. Kunhiraman AK Gopalan

C. Krishnan T.K Madhavan

99. Sri Poikayil yohannan was later known as

Vagbhadanandan Chattampi swamikal

Aagamananda swamikal Sree Kumara gurudevan

100. The person who is known as the 'Subhash Chandra Bose of Kerala'

Ali musaliyar Muhammed Abdul Rahman

Vakkom Abdul Khader Maulavi C.H. Muhammed Koya

14 A

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