Exam Details

Subject anatomy
Paper paper 2
Exam / Course bachelor of occupational therapy (b.o.t.)
Organization Dr.M.G.R. Medical University
Exam Date February, 2017
City, State tamil nadu, chennai

Question Paper

FEBRUARY 2017 Sub. Code 6172
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2014-2015 onwards)
Q.P. Code: 786172
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks
I. Elaborate on: x 20 40)
1. Explain blood supply of brain in detail with suitable diagrams. Add a note on
Circle of Willis.
2. Describe in detail the type, ligaments, relations, blood supply, nerve supply and
movements of Knee Joint.
II. Write notes on: x 5 40)
1. Interior of right atrium.
2. Middle ear.
3. Coronary circulation.
4. Posterior compartment of leg.
5. Median nerve in forearm and hand.
6. Blood supply and relations of thyroid gland.
7. Bronchopulmonary segments of lung.
8. Intrinsic muscles of hand.
III. Short answers on: (10 x 2 20)
1. What is the nerve supply of brachialis?
2. Name the thenar muscles.
3. Mention the branches of abdominal aorta.
4. Name the contents of rectus sheath.
5. Mention the structures entering and exiting the porta hepatis.
6. Write the hormones secreted by pancreas.
7. What is tendocalcaneus?
8. Give the boundaries of femoral triangle.
9. Name the para nasal air sinuses.
10.Name the structures passing through the carpal tunnel.


  • anatomy
  • basic principles of occupational therapy
  • biomechanics applied anatomy and applied physiology
  • clinical neurology
  • clinical orthopaedics
  • fundamentals for occupactional therapy practice
  • general medicine surgery and paediatrics entophthalmology pharmacology
  • general psychology and sociology
  • physiology