• dr.m.g.r. medical university


  • diploma in ophthalmic nursing assistant
  • diploma in nursing aide
  • prosthetics and orthotics
  • neuro electro physiology


  • ocular diseases i outpatient procedures i community ophthalmology medical records
  • ocular diseases ii basic nursing care in-patient procedures
  • fundamental of nursing (including first aid emergency nursing)
  • anatomy and physiology
  • nutrition and biochemistry
  • prosthetics science
  • orthotic science
  • anatomy
  • physiology and biochemistry
  • electro encephalo graph
  • electronics
  • evoked potentials and clinical neurology
  • nerve conduction studies and electromyography
  • polysomnography transcranial magnetic stimulation autonomic lab intraoperative monitoring
  • application of clinical neurophysiology and assessment


  • tamil nadu